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National Meetings

MSAI hosts national conferences all over the country known as the annual National General Assembly(NGA) and National Workshop Meets(NWM).Delegations of students from medical colleges all over India attend these conferences in large numbers and are exposed to the various aspects of the organisation.


These conferences consist of workshops that help students develop basic skills like leadership and public speaking while simultaneously learning about important topics such as AMR, HIV, Disaster Management and Global Health..Attendees get a chance to understand the administrative aspects of the organisation as well as interact with the EBTO Members

National Workshop Meets or NWMs are national conferences which consist of an amalgamation of workshops. These meets are held at different times of the year and in different regions. As one of our capacity building platforms, the NWM is an important event to help medical students develop a wide array of skills ranging from soft skills like leadership and public speaking to more specific training like disaster management and learning public health skills.We aim to hold these meets in different regions to make them more accessible to students all over the country. Calls for registrations are sent via email so keep a lookout and apply! 

Read more about previous meetings below! 


National Workshop Meet 2023

Chairperson-Prache Bansal

Vice Chairperson-Tenzin Meinkee


National Workshop Meet 2022

Chairperson-Aadarsh Netha

Vice Chairperson-Anagha Gourisetty


National Workshop Meet 2021

Chairperson- Neil M Salian

Vice Chairperson-Aarushi Mangla


National Workshop Meet 2021

Chairperson-Hamza Ansari

Vice Chairperson-Dr.Yash Rathi


National Workshop Meet 2020



National Workshop Meet 2019

Chairperson:Deena Mariyam

Secretary: Prashanth S


National Workshop Meet 2018

Chairperson:Aarya Shah

Vice-Chair: Saurabh Rajgor

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