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National Research Camp 2024

The National Research Camp 2024 was successfully held during 22-24 March in the city of Surat. A pioneer project of MSAI, conducted under the flag of SCORE, the camp aimed to equip medical students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to conduct research at an undergraduate level. It provided a platform for medical students who are passionate about research to learn, collaborate and network thus giving them a boost in their research journey. We are all truly grateful for the memories made and the knowledge gained. Until next time, keep exploring, innovating, and changing the world!


Opening ceremony 


The ceremony was graced by the presence of the esteemed Vice Chancellor of VNSGU Dr. Kishoresinh Chawda and respected faculty members from VNSGU and SMIMER who took part in the ‘Lamp Lighting’ ceremony, auspiciously inaugurating this event with their blessings and words of encouragement.


We embraced the opportunity to dive deep into the realms of research as we began our sessions, filled with passion and curiosity and a shared commitment to making a difference. 



Day 1

The first day began with the basics of research, framing a research question, writing a research protocol and delved deep into study designs and data collection. This was followed by a demonstrative session on literature search, literature review, citations and reference managers which equipped the delegates with the skills to search and cite research articles.


Day 2

The day started off with Biotatistics: the fundamentals, common statistical tests and a practical demonstration of using statistical softwares. The interactive critical appraisal session that followed introduced the delegates to tools and methods for identifying relevant, ethical, well-structured and well-executed research.


Day 3

A session on Systematic Review and Meta-analysis educated the delegates on its importance, its formative components and its conduct.


Research Proposal Presentation Competition 


This was followed by a Research Protocol Presentation Competition which was an impressive display of intellect and ingenuity as participants took the stage to present their innovative ideas for potential future research projects.


Closing ceremony


With the closing remarks from our esteemed faculty members, the president of MSAI and the Organising Chairperson we concluded an inspiring event filled with knowledge, collaboration, and a reminder of the endless possibilities.

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