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Standing Committee On Professional Exchanges

Welcome to SCOPE!

The Professional Exchange program is a full educational program offering clerkships to medical students abroad. Since the very beginning, in 1951, it was evident that the exchange of medical students would be one of the main fields of action in IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Student Association). As early as 1952, a total of 463 students spent a period of practice abroad, and today, it continues to be the backbone of the Federation and constitutes its longest-running project. Annually, more than 13,000 students from 90 countries travel around the world to discover new health systems, new cultures and to enhance their global health and intercultural understanding.


The aim of SCOPE is to promote cultural understanding and cooperation amongst medical students and all health professionals, through the facilitation of international student exchanges. SCOPE aims to give all students the opportunity to learn about global health and attains this partly by having its exchanges accredited by medical faculties across the world.

SCOPE – INDIA (Active from 2016)


India is home to 1.4 billion people. Many centuries ago, the spices, culture, and gold had brought many travelers to this South-Eastern country, and today you are here to experience the richest of medical education and the colorful festivals for yourself. There are 50,000 medical students in India and having you here just adds more fun to the party. From the SCOPE team here in India, we are more than enthusiastic to host you.

India is considered the largest creator of doctors with 426 eminent colleges nationwide. This is your opportunity to extend your borders of learning. You get a chance to learn about the health care system of India.


Apart from the educational experience, you will get to culturally experience India as well. India is such a diverse country with seven different religions and over 22 major languages and 1599 other languages spoken throughout the country. Here, culture and morals run deeper than blood. India is known for its people and their hospitality. Here our guests are treated with the utmost respect as we value guests as God -‘Atithi Devo Bhava’


We invite you to become one of the colors of India.

To know more about the work we are currently doing check out our exchanges page!

Our National Team for the term 2023-24 consists of:


National Exchange Officers (NEOs)​


  • Yash Singal 

  • Akash Dubey

National Exchange Officer Assistants  (NEO Assist)​

 General Assistants 

  • Hargun Singh 

  • Meenakshi 

  • Tanushree


 Development Assistant 

  • Ruhaan


 PRC Assistant 

  • Vrutant Vohra


If you wish to contribute, please email us at

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