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Standing Committee On Medical Education

Welcome to SCOME!

In order to bridge the gaps between delivery and expectation , we, the Standing Committee on Medical Education work towards refining a system where students not only act as a recipient of information, but are considered to be part of the system as important stakeholders. Considering that we are the future healthcare providers, it is important that we have the avenue to make changes in the system, because more often than not it is us who can look at the flaws in the medical education objectively.


It is time we get to do something about it too. In order to get started on this path of reform, we design and implement activities and campaigns which look to improve the skill set of a medical student both personally and professionally, which ultimately contribute to healthcare delivery in the long run. We hope to be the advocates of medical education in the future, and create a much more student friendly environment within teaching institutions.

To know more about the work we are currently doing, check out our Activities page! 

Our National Team for the term 2023-24 consists of:


National Officers on Medical Education (NOME)​

  • Dr Tanya Gupta 

  • Aashna Gajria

National Officer Assistants on Medical Education (NOME- Assist)​

 General Assistants 

  • Fatima Nadeem

  • Netra Bhoot 

  • Madhura Mayekar


 Development Assistant 

  • Krish Keswani


 PRC Assistant 

  • Ishita Patil


If you wish to contribute, please email us at

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