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General Questions


Question : What’s the next step after registering for the organization? 

Answer: Welcome to MSAI! Once you are done registering, you will receive an email with more information about the opportunities available to you. You can organise and volunteer for On-Ground Activities, go for an International Exchange Program, join the Administration, attend capacity building workshops and explore various other international opportunities. 

To know more have a look at our orientation booklet- Link

If you still have any questions you can contact your Regional Director Assistant and they can guide you!

Find your RDA: Link


Question: How do I get added to the MSAI Email server?

We try our best to add you to the email server automatically after your registration is complete. However in case you are not added, please email the VPI at 


Question: When will I be added to my college MSAI group on WhatsApp? 

Answer: College MSAI WhatsApp groups are one of the modes of communication with our members. A newly registered member is added to such groups by our respective Regional Teams after due verification of the membership status. We are currently in the process of transitioning from State/National Groups to College groups and hence there may be a delay in the addition of members.If you have not been added yet, please contact VPI at


Question: What are my opportunities in MSAI?

Answer: You can organise and volunteer forOn-Ground Activities, go on an International Exchange Program, attend National & International Conferences, get discounts on academic material (when available), join the administration, attend workshops and explore various other international opportunities. 

To know more have a look at our orientation booklet- Link

  • Opportunities at the local level: Refer Page 27 of the Orientation Booklet

  • External Opportunities: Refer Page 25 of the Orientation Booklet


Question: How can I become a Local Officer? 

Answer: Calls for Local Officers are opened around the last week of May or first week of June. Keep a lookout for the call as these will be shared on our email server and MSAI Whatsapp groups. Only members of MSAI can apply to be local officers. The selection is made by the National Officers of each Standing Committee. It helps to have volunteered or organised MSAI activities in the past and/or attended workshops to gain experience and know more about the organisation. We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic members to join our team!


Question: What is IFMSA?

Answer: The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), founded in 1951, is one of the world's oldest and largest student-run organisations. It represents, connects and engages every day with an inspiring and growing network of 1.3 million medical students from 133 NMOs in 123 countries around the globe. MSAI is one of the NMOs or National Member Organisations of IFMSA.

Visit Here:

Question: Is MSAI only for USMLE aspirants? 

Answer: MSAI is an organisation that believes in helping medical students develop essential skills which would help shape them as future medical practitioners. Through our workshops,activities, external opportunities and exchange programs our members develop important skills such as leadership, public speaking, networking and management among more. MSAI also helps students open doors to more career opportunities and learn about their options. We aim to provide a platform for all medical students to learn necessary skills to help them achieve whatever they aspire to be, regardless of USMLE plans!


Question: What are the Standing Committees under MSAI?

Answer: MSAI works in six main areas or themes related to healthcare and these are called Standing Committees. Our Standing Committees are:


  • Standing Committee on Public Health(SCOPH)

  • Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, including HIV & AIDS(SCORA)

  • Standing Committee on Medical Education(SCOME)

  • Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace(SCORP)

  • Standing Committee on Professional Exchanges(SCOPE)

  • Standing Committee on Research Exchanges(SCORE)


Each of these standing committees is led by two National Officers. These national officers are assisted by National Officer Assistants and Local Officers. 

To know more about them check out our website link


Question: How do I bring MSAI to my college?

Answer: You can make your college MSAI Active by organising MSAI Activities and/or holding an Induction Session! You can motivate your batchmates to register with MSAI and use the various opportunities the platform provides. Students can attend workshops, activities, exchanges, international and national meetings and even apply to be local officers! If you are facing issues activating your college/need the necessary material and orientation for conducting an Induction Session , you can contact your Regional Director Assistant (RDA). Find your RDA Here: Link


Question: How does MSAI help open new avenues for medical students?

Answer: At MSAI, there is something for everyone! 

We have six different standing committees  working in various areas of healthcare and units working on specific topics! Those who are more administratively inclined can join our team of Regional Directors and oversee the management in different parts of the country. With international exchanges, we provide the opportunity to develop clinical or research skills and experience different cultures. 

Through international meetings, students get the chance to represent MSAI and interact with other medical students from all over the world. We also provide an array of external opportunities to interact and network with experts in different fields. This teaches you skills necessary to become a Global Health Advocate. Our workshops and national conferences help students develop essential skills. We aim to provide a platform useful for all medical students and you’ll have to try it to know that it's definitely worth it!


Question: How can I go on an International Exchange Program?

Answer: If you are a member of MSAI, you are eligible to apply for a 4 week long clerkship when the Exchange calls are released. It is usually released during the months of September or October and you can apply for the following exchange programs: SCOPE (Professional Exchange), SCORE (Research Exchange) and Public Health Exchanges. You can apply for an Exchange by paying a non-refundable application fee of ₹1000 which allows you to apply for a maximum of 5 countries per application. 


Question: Who pays for my exchanges?

Answer: There is an exchange fee that you will have to pay only when you get selected for an exchange. The amount variable and approximately  ₹23,000/- and it covers the accommodation fees(at a hostel/dorm/student’s home) and a minimum of 1 meal per day fees for a period of 4 weeks(which is the exchange duration). The flight, visa, and other expenses are to be borne by the student themselves. This fee only applies to Bilateral exchanges whereas Unilateral exchanges have fees set by the respective countries.Please contact the NEO/NORE to confirm the same once you get selected for the exchange program.


Question: I want to go to XYZ country, how do I assure my exchange is to XYZ?

Answer: We, at MSAI India Exchanges, aim at providing the best exchange experience to all interested medical students and therefore have a strict double blinding and randomization procedure to grade the applications in order to eliminate any bias. Thus, we can’t guarantee that you will get your preferred country but to improve your chances and rank higher in the scoring process,  involve yourself in MSAI activities and other co-curricular activities to improve your CV.


Question: Does MSAI offer attendance compensation for exchanges? 

Answer: Our exchange program is recognised by a variety of international organizations and we’re working to  get recognition from Medical Universities in India. A lot of Medical colleges offer attendance for the period of exchange duration if you inform them prior to leaving and on return provide them with the Exchange Certificate and details of the program written and stamped by your tutor in your Logbook/handbook.


Question: What is the criteria to go on an Exchange?

Answer: The only criteria for being eligible for applying for exchanges are: being a member of MSAI and currently studying in a Medical College in India or recently graduated within 6 months as well as having a Local Exchange Officer/Local Officer on Research Exchange to vet your applications. 


Question: Who gets selected for exchanges?

Answer: Once you clear the eligibility criteria, your application will be verified and graded by our Exchanges Team. The applications will be ranked according to the score and countries will be alloted according to your preference and availability.


Question: What to do if I get selected for an Exchange to a particular country which I do not wish to go?

Answer: In case you are not happy with the country which has been alloted to you, you can cancel it within the deadline set by the National Officers. If an applicant cancels after the deadline, the applicant gets blacklisted for MSAI India Exchanges. We recommend that you ask your college for permission to go on exchange as soon as results are announced.


Question: I do not have any prior Research experience, will it affect me when I go for a Research Exchange?

Answer: One of the main objectives of a Research Exchange is to familiarize students with the basic concepts of research and provide an opportunity to work on an actual research project. The tutors/guide alloted to you for your Exchange will teach you about the fundamentals of research and basic skills required for research. As a SCORE Exchange Student, you are expected to write a Scientific Report, an Abstract and prepare a Poster about your research project once your Exchange ends. 


Question: How to know which Research Project will I be working on during my Exchange?

Answer: Once you get selected for a SCORE Exchange, you will have to fill an Online Application Form which allows you to choose your three preferred research projects. You can choose your preferred projects through the IFMSA SCORE Research Projects Database. The hosting country then allotts you a Research Project. 


Question: Will I get a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from the tutor I work with during my Exchange?

Answer: The decision of providing a Letter of Recommendation to an applicant totally lies at the discretion of the tutor. Neither IFMSA nor MSAI India Exchanges guarantee that a Letter of Recommendation will be provided at the end of your Exchange. The applicant cannot force a tutor to provide a LOR at the end of his/her Exchange. All applicants going for an Exchange will be provided a IFMSA Certificate at the end of their Exchange stating the name of department/details of the research project allotted with the duration and duly signed by the Tutor, Local Officer of the hosting country and the National Officer of the sending country.


Question: I got selected to X country for my Exchange. Can I know which city I will be going to, so that I can book my flight tickets?

Answer: We do not recommend booking flight tickets immediately after you get selected for an Exchange. The ideal time to book your tickets is once your Card of Acceptance (CA) arrives from the hosting country which contains all the details about your Department/Research Project, University, Accommodation, etc. 


Question: I did not get selected for any of the Exchanges this year, will I get another chance?

 Answer: In case you don't get selected for an Exchange this year, you get added to the waiting list for your preferred countries. If a person cancels the seat, the next person in the waiting list is alloted the seat. MSAI India Exchanges usually has a Second Call for Exchanges in May/June for the vacant seats left in the main calls. The applicants who already paid ₹1000 during the main calls, need not pay again to apply for the Second Calls for that term. Nonetheless, you can work on your application and apply again the next year.  


Question: My friend and I would like to go on an Exchange together to the same country. Is there any way that you can make this happen ?

Answer: Both of you can apply and mention your preferences. Since the grading occurs in a double blinded, point based way, it is difficult to promise the exchange together. However, if your points match and country preferences match, you may get selected for the same country, together.


Question: Which cities and departments can I apply in and when do I select them? 

Answer: After you are selected for an exchange you will have to enter your details and the required documents on the IFMSA  database, where you will be allowed to choose your preferences for the city as well as the Departments. The assigning of the city and department is done by the hosting country. 


Question: What to do if I get selected for an Exchange but my Visa gets rejected?

 Answer: In case of rejection of visa, you will be refunded your entire Exchange Fee back. You can also check out our Cancellation Policy (which is a part of the Application Package) for all your queries related to Cancellations. 


Question: What is SCORA X-Change or SXC?

Answer: SCORA X-Change is a unilateral exchange program for our members focused specifically on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. The goal of this program is to provide the participants with information about the social and health care situation and strategies of the hosting country on the previously mentioned topics; emphasizing on the importance of global health as well as encouraging intercultural exchange and discussions between them.


Read more about SCORA X-Changes here

Question: What is a GoSCORP?

Answer:  GoSCORP is a SCORP initiative that combines between the unilateral exchange and volunteering experience. GoSCORP focused on providing participating members with an experience centered around a human rights based approach to volunteerism and social work, building their capacities regarding intercultural competences and specific chosen themes connected to human rights and peace.

Read more about GoScorp here



Question : I don’t hold any official positions in MSAI. Can I still organize activities on-ground for my college? 

Answer: Any member of MSAI can organise MSAI Activities. They do not have to hold any official position in MSAI. MSAI members as well as non members can volunteer for MSAI Activities. However only MSAI Members will receive certificates.To organise an activity fill out the Domestic Activities Form(DAF): Link


Question : I haven't received or I have misplaced my certificate. What do I do?

Answer: If you have not received your certificate or have misplaced your certificate for any activity you organised or volunteered in, please email the Standing Committee/Unit under which the activity was organised. You can find their official email address on their respective web pages( under the Who we Are part of the website) 

However, do keep in mind that it takes at least one month for us to generate the certificates for any Activity.


If you are still not provided your certificate you can contact the Standing Committee or Unit under which the event was conducted. You can find their email IDs on our website!


Question: How many activities can I conduct?

Answer: As a member of MSAI, you can conduct as many activities you like. However the quality of our events is important to us. Please do ensure each event is carried out under the guidance of the respective National Team, is given adequate time, has the necessary ratio of volunteers to audience and is properly evaluated. This helps us ensure we make a measurable impact through the work we do!


Question: if I am a local Officer for a particular standing committee can I still organise activities for other standing committees?

Answer: As a member of MSAI, you can organise any MSAI activity. However, as a local officer it is your responsibility to give preference to the activities of your standing committee and ensure they are organised in your area. Nevertheless, if any other activities of a Standing Committee/Unit interest you, you can organise them!


Question: Does MSAI help with Activity Permissions?

Answer: Yes! We can issue permission letters in case you require permission from your college or any institution to organise an event. The activity organisers can email the respective standing committees/units with necessary details to obtain the letter. More information regarding this is provided in the activity guides/information bulletins shared with each activity along with other activity resources.


Question: What are the benefits of conducting activities? 

Answer: As a member, organising activities helps you develop important soft skills such as leadership, public speaking and management.You also get the opportunity to learn more about different topics related to healthcare through creative methods. As a volunteer or attendee, you get the opportunity to learn about important topics as well as interact with the general population and create awareness.You get a chance to build on your CV which might help improve your selection chances for Exchanges, National & International Conferences & Workshops.  

At MSAI, we try to develop activities that would make an impact on society. Content for each activity is carefully curated keeping in mind the need for intervention and implementable evaluation strategies. We evaluate our activities to know how impactful they were. By organising or volunteering in these activities, you can do your bit to contribute to making a change!


External Representation (how to go MM, AM, APRM, WHO)


Question: Do I need to hold a position in MSAI to apply for External Opportunities? 

Answer: No. External opportunities are available to all eligible members of MSAI and hence it is not a rule to hold an official position in order to apply for it. Hence, everyone including general members and various position holders can apply for the external opportunities in MSAI. 

Question: What is the basis for selection for these meetings?

Answer: A robust selection process is carried out of all the applications where motivation, relevant previous experience, plans, regional and gender representation and balance of experience are taken into account. Applicants are thoroughly evaluated ensuring the maximum level of transparency and credibility. Our goal is to give opportunities to all our members to attend IFMSA meetings and other national and international conferences, hence we try our best to give a chance to all our members based on the evaluation criteria. 

Question: Is it mandatory to attend the preGA? 

Answer: No. It is not mandatory to attend the pre-GA. Pre-GA refers to the Pre-General Assembly which takes place for 3-4 days before any General Assembly and comprises various trainings for which anyone can apply but it is not mandatory to apply for it in order to go for a General Assembly. 

Question: Is it mandatory to go for General Assemblies to hold positions in MSAI?

Answer: No. It is not necessary to go for General Assemblies to hold positions in MSAI. Attending GAs helps in gaining experience and knowledge in particular focus areas which helps in making the application stronger when applying for relevant positions. Various sessions are conducted at General Assemblies to strengthen knowledge and soft skills, but it is not a compulsion to attend them in order to apply for positions in MSAI. 

Question: Does attending these meetings help with USMLE/PLAB?

Answer: MSAI is an organisation that believes in helping medical students develop essential skills which would help shape them as future medical practitioners. Attending these meetings helps in developing and refining one’s knowledge and skills around the topics which interests them. It also helps in networking with various people from around the world and exploring more opportunities. Therefore, through these external meetings, MSAI gives various other opportunities to its members to structure and shape their future ahead as they wish and aspire it to be. 




How to join MSAI


Question: What do I do to become a member? 

Answer: To join MSAI you can register with us through this  Link

You just have to fill out the registration form and make a payment of Rs.1000. After this, your MSAI registration ticket will be emailed to you. After filling out a google form, you will automatically be added to our email server and your official MSAI whatsapp group to receive timely updates about opportunities available!


Question: What is the best time to be a member? What year of medical school is ideal?

Answer:  At MSAI, we aim to provide a platform useful for medical students in any year of medical school. However the ideal time to engage with the organisation and use the various opportunities it provides would be in the first three years. At this time, medical students have more time to contribute and hence can obtain more opportunities. Nonetheless, we provide opportunities to students in all years of medical school and welcome them to be a part of the organisation! 


Question: Who do I contact for membership? 

Answer:  To join MSAI you can register with us through our website by clicking here! Link

If you have any questions regarding membership you can contact your Regional Director Assistant! Find your RDA here: Link 


Question: Is registration only online?

Answer: Yes. We only take online registrations. If you are facing any issues with registrations or have any questions please contact your Regional Director Assistant. Find your RDA here: Link 

How can I become a National Officer, Regional Director or an Executive Board member?


Question: Procedure for becoming a National Officer?

Answer: National Officers are a part of the EBTO or the ‘Executive Board and Team of Officials’. The EBTO is elected every year through a voting procedure, usually held at the National General Assembly. The EBTO of the previous term votes for the EBTO of the upcoming term after a thorough candidature presentation. 

(Candidature Presentation is where an individual explains their plan for the position they are applying to as well as why they are suitable for that position).

National Officers of a standing committee are those MSAI members who usually have experience of working in the area of that committee. For more information on the eligibility criteria, have a look at the MSAI Bylaws in the publications section. The criteria is also shared at the time of opening calls for the next EBTO!


Question: Does it help in CV for USMLE?

Answer: Being a part of the Executive Board and Team of Officials helps medical students develop a wide array of skills- from management and leadership to networking and multi-tasking! It allows students to understand the healthcare system and contribute to it effectively. These skills can help students with their future career aspirations.


Question: Is time management difficult as an EBTO member?

Answer: The Executive Board and Team of Officials largely comprises passionate medical students who are driven by motivation and an interest in the work they do! Hence, they manage to work on their studies as well as contribute actively to MSAI. Time management is an important skill and is developed in the course of this work. 

Contact Us 

Question: Whom can I contact?

Answer: If you have any questions you can contact your Regional Director Assistant! 

Find your RDA here : Link 


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