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Standing Committees

Standing Committee on Medical Education

To be able to provide the best possible healthcare services to people, we need to invest optimally in training of medical students.

The Standing Committee on Medical Education believes that Medical Education is the pillar on which Healthcare stands. Students convene in SCOME to share and learn about medical education, invest, improve and learn from it!

Standing Committee on Professional Exchanges

SCOPE offer clerkships to medical students abroad to learn about medical practices around the world and become a more interculturally aware doctor.

Standing Committee on Public Health

The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) brings together medical students from all over the world to learn, build skills, cooperate, explore and share ideas when it comes to addressing all issues related to public health, including global health issues, health policies, health promotion and education, activities.SCOPH trains medical students to work as health ambassadors in their respective regions pan india to advocate for public health issues .

Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS

SCORA is gathering of passionate individuals who are committed to promote Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and are arduous about creating positive change in their local communities.

Standing Committee on Research Exchanges

Research is essential for the development of medicine and without it, the medical field could never have reached the stage it is at now- with innovative methods of diagnosis and treatments. Put together the experience of improving research skills with an unforgettable cultural learning opportunity and you have the Standing Committee on Research Exchange

Standing Committee on Human Rights & Peace

SCORP unites students who strive to create an equal and peaceful world and believe in international, intercultural as well as interpersonal solidarity. It gives you an opportunity to speak the unspoken, to support the disregarded and fight for the unrepresented. Through our  activities,  awareness raising campaigns, advocacy and capacity building we hope to provide medical students with tools and skills to inculcate a strong sense of responsibility towards every section of the society empowering the youth to empower the world.

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