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International Meetings

IFMSA holds three annual international meetings - March Meeting (MM), August Meeting ( AM) and Asia -Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM). Each meeting is held in different countries and provides an opportunity to explore new cultures whilst learning more about global health and other topics! MSAI sends its members as part of its delegation for these meetings to get equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference, and concomitantly represent our country and the work we do here at MSAI. Calls to be a part of these meetings are shared through email so keep an eye out and apply to have an experience of a lifetime! 

Read more about previous meetings below!

Image by Kiyoshi

March Meeting 2024

Quito, Ecuador

Image by Ilya Orehov

March Meeting 2023

Tallinn, Estonia

Image by stefzn

March Meeting 2022

Ohrid, North Macedonia

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March Meeting 2021



March Meeting 2020



March Meeting 2019



March Meeting 2018


Image by Faruk Kaymak

March Meeting 2017

Budva, Montenegro

Image by Karl Paul Baldacchino

March Meeting 2016

St. Paul's Bay, Malta

Image by Halima Bouchouicha

March Meeting 2014

Hammamet, Tunisia

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