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Policy & Advocacy

MSAI represents the voice of young Medical Students all over India, being the largest and most-widely represented organisation of future Healthcare Professionals in the country. We continually strive to impact meaningful change in the Healthcare landscape of India, and Advocacy is an important cornerstone of our efforts. We, as an organisation, are represented in high-level Health and Governance organisations, including WHO, and are backed by the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). Being a youth-led organisation, it is vital that MSAI is heard at a local, national and international level and advocates for a positive change in Public Health, Human Rights, Sexual & Reproductive Rights and Medical Education. 


Policies are an integral tool of our Advocacy efforts. They represent our stance on important health issues plaguing our community, and call on stakeholders to take coordinated actions. Policies are fundamental tools that represent the beliefs of MSAI at External Meetings, Delegations and deliberations, guide our Partnerships and even steer our Internal Development. Policy Documents are approved upon at the National General Assembly held in April-May every year.


This year the policies being worked on were Mental Health, Universal Health Coverage, Rights of Children, Human Resources in Health, Access to Healthcare for Persons with Disabilities, Ensuring Access to Safe Abortions, Ethics in Health and Patient Care, Recognition of Exchange Programmes by Educational Councils, and Promoting Effective Breastfeeding by the Healthcare Fraternity. These year, we also initiated the Policy Review Commissions within MSAI to enhance the quality of our policies, and ensure accountability, transparency and member engagement in the policy process.

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