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It's time to catch flights,not feelings!


The first standing committee within IFMSA was the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) in 1951.


SCOPE exchange program is a quality educational and cultural experience organized entirely by medical students with the help of their medical faculties.


The main purpose of the program is “to promote cultural understanding and co-operation amongst medical students and all health professionals, through the facilitation of international student exchanges.


 SCOPE aims to give all students the opportunity to learn about global health, and attains this partly by having its exchanges accredited by medical faculties across the world”.

You get to attend a 4 week clerkship, under a tutor, for a subject that you love dearly in your medical life, in around 40 countries from around the world. Please click here to see the countries and their details.

​For any more doubts, please refer to the  SCOPE Page and the Exchanges FAQs.

To read more about exchanges, here are some Outgoing Reports from students who have gone for exchanges.


Through Research Exchange, we provide medical students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the specific area of their research interest.

You get to attend a 4 week research internship, under a researcher, for a topic that you are interested in, in around 24 countries from around the world. Please click here to see the countries and their details.


The student is offered a one-month clerkship at the hospital and department of his or her choice, lodging at a student facility or with a host family, and at least one meal per day.


Under IFMSA SCORE's primary aim is to conduct research exchanges for one month with foreign universities and also to know about the culture in different countries. Following different types of research projects are available:


  • Basic laboratory research project

  • A clinical project with lab work

  • A clinical project without lab work

  • Global Action Project (GAP)


A GAP project focuses on a public health issue; currently, we don’t have any GAP projects in India.


Students are allotted a country according to their preference based on the PBS.

For any more doubts, please refer to the SCORE Page and the Exchanges FAQs.

Public Health

Public Health Exchanges, are exchanges in Public Health settings NGOs, Medical Institutes, primary health care and other such placements to understand the Public Health scenario of a country. The aim is to promote intercultural learning in Public Health and be a source of experience to empower medical students with skills necessary for them as future healthcare providers.

You get to attend a 4 week clerkship, in countries from around the world. 


​For any more doubts, please refer to the Exchanges FAQs.


SCORA X-Changes is a unilateral exchange program for IFMSA members focused on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Through this program, our main objective is to introduce and equip the participants with the knowledge and skills to be effective SRHR advocates. It helps to improve the intercultural understanding of participants and exposes the participants to SRHR in the Indian context. All the focus areas are covered in sufficient detail: HIV & STI’s, Maternal Health and Access to Safe Abortion, Sexuality and Gender Identity, Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Gender-based Violence. 

SXC India 2019

We hosted our first ever SCORA X-Change in August 2019. Over this 4 week-long program spanned out in 3 cities: Belagavi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, we aimed to provide a space for participants to share and discuss their own experiences and provide them with the opportunity to gain insight into the SRHR scenario in other countries.


Click here  to check out the Invitation Package for SXC 2019!

To experience the adventure that SXC India 2019 was, click here

SXC India 2020

SXC India 2020 went virtual to keep up with the times! Virtual SXC India 2020 was conducted in July 2020. We discussed SRHR issues in COVID-19 in India and held a workshop on Sexual Pleasure : The Forgotten Link in association with Love Matters India for our participants.


GoSCORP is an umbrella platform for volunteering projects hosted by different National Member Organisations (NMOs) every year. It is a SCORP initiative that combines unilateral exchange and volunteering experience. 


GoSCORP focuses on providing participating members with an experience centered around a human rights based approach to volunteerism and social work, workshops and discussions,  building the capacities regarding intercultural competences and specific chosen themes connected to human rights and peace. 


GoSCORP may also provide you an opportunity to become IFMSA certified Human Right trainers or advocates through a TNHRT or HRMP respectively.

GoSCORP India 2019


GoSCORP India 2019 to us was a dream harboured since the day we realised how greatly it impacts lives and evoked an innate desire to strive for peace and fight for rights. Discussions, debates, workshops, sessions, volunteering activities, slum visits, a tour of the Gandhi ashram, health facilities, interaction with various sections of the society created an intrinsic desire to help, and the help starts with changing our way of life and extending them to people around us. We intricately wove our vibrant culture with the hustle-bustle of the ever so busy city life of India and embraced the serenity of the sea and the peace amongst the hills.

GoSCORP India 2019 ended with a family of SCORPions who have now begun their journey to carry the burning torch of change to all around to world.

Click here for the GoSCORP 2019 Invitation Package

​GO SCORP 2023

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.


As our bit to be a part of the big change we ambitiously envision, we, the GoSCORP INDIA OC, invite you to our country to join us and lend a helping hand in creating the difference that we have set out to make.


GoSCORP India is a program which is designed to highlight the human rights issues in India. We aim to orient the participants with current women rights, refugee rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and climate change issues in India. We aim to equip the participants with the skills to understand and analyse the problems and come up with innovative solutions of their own. As future healthcare professionals and policy makers, this program can help them understand how such a vast country like India faces the challenge of handling a large population and makes policies to ensure human rights for all.

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