SCORE: Standing Committee On Research Exchange


Deadline : 14th  October 2019




Who we are?

We aim to educate medical students about research through international exchanges and educational activities

What We Do?

International research exchange program : Organise research exchanges from India to many other countries abroad.

Medical research education : Promote, discuss and spread education about research by and for medical students.

What We Fight For?

Educate beyond borders : Get medical students Learning opportunities that are not constrained by borders so they become doctors of global standards.

Provide medical research opportunities : Provide research opportunities for Indian Medical students that are not always available to them in their universities.

Create Research Awareness Promote and simplify conducting researches for medical students.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Join our international family : Chance to be a part of the functioning body of the largest student run exchange programs in the world.

Experience and learn beyond the curriculum :Get an insight to a part of healthcare that you will not have much exposure to in your curriculum.

Intercultural exposure and interpersonal growthGet exposed to various cultures, attain interpersonal growth and Leadership skills.

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