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Global Climate Change Campaign

The SCOPH team of IFMSA – El Salvador, conducted an awareness and interventional campaign targeting Deforestation, at La Tetita, El-Salvador, as a part of their continued efforts under GCCC. With an overwhelming number of enthusiastic volunteers, the team presented an awareness talk following which, they planted saplings and motivated the participation of volunteers in taking care of the ecosystem with the help of the town hall of Cojutepeque. Every tree had a sponsor that gave it a name. The team also guided the Tetita community who are sponsors of the trees planted.

Francia Nicole Paiz, their National Coordinator has stated that she and her team will be following up the event in November to check the fruits of their efforts. Kudos to the team!

Organizing team: MSAI – India

Event: Skit

Every year, during the holy festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, tens of thousands of idols made of Plaster of Paris, are immersed into the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and the rivers and tributaries of India.

Fun facts: 1. PoP doesn’t easily dissolve in water. Rather it under slow oxidation and consumes the oxygen necessary for plant life. 2. The paints used to colour the idols contain Lead and Chromium that contaminate water sources.

So, here’s what the JNMC Students of MSAI – India organized for

An eco-friendly idol, designed at a local old age home, was brought to the campus. The students also conducted a skit (picture) to highlight the importance of environment conservation. Pamphlets regarding the same were distributed. The eco-friendly idol, instead of being immersed in the sea or ocean, was made to made to dissolve in a nearby fountain (picture), and the water used for immersion was reused to water the plants in the campus.

It’s wonderful to see the efforts taken by the students in embracing the environment needs of changing times whilst still keeping with the local traditions. Great initiative team JNMC and SCOPH – MSAI!

Organizing team: Bangladesh Medical Students Society

Event: Clean-Up Drive

Date: 30th September 2016

GCCC volunteers from BMSS, chose the Shaheed Minar, as their site of clean-up. This prestigious ground, a National Martyrdom symbol, was being abused by plastic bags & random paper leftovers everywhere. They tried to clean up the ground & let the passersby know of the event & raise awareness on how Climate change is leaving our lives hampered. The intention of the event was to preach awareness & via all other photos/Videos uploaded, send a message to their community that, “If you can’t clean up the whole country, at least clean up the surroundings around you”.

Organizing team: MSAI – India

Event: Clean-Up Drive

Date: 24th October 2016

30 – 35 students from GMC, Mumbai carried out a cleanliness drive on 24th October at Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai. They cleaned the beach and were helped by BMC sweepers who appreciated their efforts. The team intends to do a Cleanliness drive again in the future at different locations. They also plan to ask for installment of dustbins in our college and wherever necessary.

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