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Welcome to SCOPH!

SCOPH or Standing Committee for Public Health, is one of the six committee under the umbrella of IFMSA, which primarily deals with the public health scenario. It involves functioning at a ground level, directly dealing with the beneficiaries. In most developing nation public health is overlooked, thus being beacons of change is the need of the hour.
SCOPH is an extremely active group with boundless project opportunities. Here through education, empowerment and support we strive to achieve ‘health for all’, we strive to create an impact.
Through the course of years, SCOPH has been conducting various Pan-India events, transcending boundaries of class, religion in order to provide healthcare facilities to those who need, wherever the need is felt.
SCOPH is single handedly responsible for conducting the BEAT DIABETES campaign, covering about 10,000 people on the World Health Day across the country. Our team has passionately explored all realms of healthcare, from guiding school children to mothers, from old to the specially-abled.

Our National team for the session 2019-20 consists of:

  • RITIKA MISHRA - National Public Officer (NPO)

  • ASHWATH VASUDEVAN - National Public Officer (NPO)

  • SALMAN KHAN - NPO Assistant

  • Jui Shah - NPO Assistant

If you wish to contribute please email to us at scoph@msaindia.org