SCOPE: Standing Committee On Professional Exchange


Deadline : 14th  October 2019




Who we are?

We are the portal that brings together students from around the world with the aim of making them proficient global health professionals of the future.

What We Do?

Exchanges for you! :Conduct international preclinical and clinical exchanges for Indian medical students.

Exchanges for everyone else! : Host Incoming exchange students from around the world in India.

Trainings and Workshops : Promote and simplify conducting researches for medical students.

What We Fight For?

• Multifaceted learning : It gives you exposure to various technologies and expertise from around the world.

Cultural Diversity : Exchanges promote and season you to be a culturally sensitive physician.

Defying Boundaries : We don't let geographical boundaries dictate our limitation in learning.

Being a doctor of the world : It encourages you to look at the world as a single place diminishing all biases and differences.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Be a global health professional : Interactions with students and doctors from other countries to broaden your horizons.

Culturally sensitive future physicians : Through exchanges, learn and experience how the influence of culture and society on healthcare and how doctors can play an important role in bridging these differences.

Explore the world : Exposure to a new and vast world of medicine not just through going on exchanges but also through hosting international students right here, in India.

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