Let Us Get You Started 

Dear members of MSAI,

Medical Students Association of India opens up lots new opportunities for us Medical Students to serve our community and get engaged in various facets of medical administrations. This can be overwhelming when you want to to be an active member of MSAI. Hence we at MSAI Deploy Domestic Activity form monthly to make your MSAI Experience even more fun.


What is this?

This is an online form which will be deployed every month to all our members through the mailing list, Website and WhatsApp groups. The National Officers will regularly update this form with activities being currently conducted in MSAI. After you sign up, your information is made available to the respective officials and they will get in touch with you in due time.




How does this help?

You can directly view the various activities and opportunities available as a part of MSAI and also show your interest to participate in them. Our team of officials will reach out to the applicants and help them conduct the activity in their college/region. This form will also contain a section for conducting induction drives.

International Opportunities

MSAI is associated with the various International organisation like IFMSA, WHO and UNESCO. And will keep members updated with latest international opportunities, stay subscribed to our mailing list And for more questions refer to FAQs

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