UNESCO MSAI Bioethics Unit

Welcome to UNESCO MSAI Bioethics Unit!

The International Center for Health, Law and Ethics at the University of Haifa initiated an international project, the aim of which is to form a new, modern curriculum of medical ethics to be taught in medical schools all over the world. The UNESCO Chair adopted the idea and undertook the mission. The Chair started to establish a network of Unit within universities and research centers committed to disseminating, improving and monitoring education in ethics in medical schools- which led to the formation of the UNESCO MSAI Bioethics Unit. The Unit holds several activities and competitions throughout the year, aimed at ensuring the upcoming generations of doctors are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve ethical dilemmas they may face in their practice.

Our team for the term 2019-20 consists of:



Geetanshu Singla


Steering Committee Member: 

Nipun Nagpal

Poorvaprabha Patil


General Secretary :

Aarya Shah


Selected Unit Members:

Monisha S 

Deepanshu Tripathi

Abdul Basith K M

Utkarsh Kachhia

Shaivya Srivastava

H M Shiva Sandesh

Prabhat Jha

Ruchi Jani

Naqeeya Sabuwala 


If you wish to contribute please email us at bioethics@msaindia.org

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