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Medical Students Association of India (MSAI) is a non-government organization of, for and by medical students of India, founded in October 2011. MSAI is a registered society in New Delhi under the Societies Act and is dedicated to work for the welfare of medical students across the country and enhance healthcare in India. MSAI was adopted as the 100th National Member Organization (NMO) of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) on 6th March, 2012 at Accra, Ghana. MSAI is India’s first and largest nationally and internationally represented federation, comprising 17,000 medical students across the country.

Our work is divided into 6 global health areas, which are as follows:


  • Public Health

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Research Exchanges

  • Professional Exchange

  • Human Rights and Peace

  • Medical Education including NEET, USMLE and various other arrays of professional development.


As an organisation, MSAI strives to provide its members with numerous opportunities to develop themselves as global health leaders of today and tomorrow. To achieve this, it organises a variety of events inclusive of workshops, health camps, awareness sessions, assemblies, seminars and engaging exchange programmes. We (at MSAI) closely follow the principle of Think Globally, Act Locally. We believe in Making a difference together! MSAI works with issues that matter the most to the youth by empowering the medical students and improving health of the country with meaningful youth participation.