MSFC India Medical Students for Choice- India

Welcome to MSFC India!!
MSFC :Founded by medical students in 1993 as a response to the almost complete deficit of abortion education in their medical training, Medical Students for Choice an internationally spread non-profit, has filled a unique niche in the abortion rights movement. In line with MSFC’s core values, we at MSFC India work to ensure that medical students and trainees are educated about all aspects of reproductive health care, including abortion. With holistic abortion training still lacking in medical school curricula, MSFC members across the world organize to change institutional policies and broaden opportunities for all their fellow students to receive family planning education.
Our team for the term 2020-21 consists of:
Chair Mauli Mehta
Steering Committee Member:
  • Poorvaprabha Patil
  • Mehek Cheema
General Secretary : Aprita Saxena
Selected Unit Members
  • Manaswi Dutta
  • Nimisha Ramesh
  • Yug Shah
  • Tithi Patel
  • Yashasvi Sachdeo
  • Divya Garg
  • Nikita Balani
  • Sanjana Bose
  • Chetna Rajesh
  • Vrinda Gupta
  • Raj Doshi
  • Chirag Chawla
  • Pratik Sarangi
  • Anoushca Laroia
If you wish to contribute please email us at