External Engagement

  • AFPICON 2019 was attended by the VPX, Mr. Pranav Prashanth, in Kerala in January 2020
  • The 3rd edition of Good Pitch India was attended by the VPA, Ms. Katya Saksena, who made the pitch on behalf of MSAI at the event on 4th March 2020 in Mumbai
  • Temperature Check, hosted by WHO, UNDP, The Stanley Foundation, Wellcome Trust in London in July 2019
  • High Level Political Forum 2019 held at the United Nations Headquarters, New York in July 2019
  • The Invisible Pandemic organised by Asia Society India at Mumbai attended by 19 MSAI members - Ashwath V. was the head of the delegation
  • WHO South East Asia Regional Committee Meeting held in Delhi in September 2019 was attended by 2 delegates from MSAI India who engaged with multiple externa; organisations at the event
  • High-level event during the United Nations General Assembly 2019 jointly hosted by the NCD Alliance, UNDP, WHO, IISD entitled Planetary Health Dialogue: Triple wins for health, environment and sustainable development in September 2019 where the VPE spoke at a panel in NY, USA
  • Roundtable on Abortion by the YP foundation in Delhi - MSAI was invited to be on the panel alongside other experts
  • 6 delegates represented MSAI at the 4th National Conference Of Family Planning & Primary Care held at the JN Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute Of Science, Bangalore on the 3rd & 4th of August, 2019; MSAI also had a speaking spot at the event where we spoke about the work we were doing on an organisational scale
  • Represented at Commision on Status of Women at held in New York, USA in March 2018
  • Represented at World Health Assembly held in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2018
  • MSAI sends its first national Youth Delegates to the YP Foundation Youth Conclave held in New Delhi, India in September 2018
  • Represented at Global Conference on Primary Health Care held at Astana, Kazakhstan in October 2018
  • Represented at Commision on the Status of Women held in New York, USA in March 2017
  • Represented at UNESCO World Congress held in Limassol, Cyprus in April 2017
  • Represented at World Health Assembly held in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2017
  • Represented at High Level Political Forum held in New York, USA in July 2017
  • Represented at World Health Congress held in Hyderabad, India in August 2017
  • Attended the WHO South East Asia Regional Committee held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in September 2016
  • Represented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Marrakech, Morocco in November 2016