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Every month we develop new and impactful projects to create measurable impact in society. Some of our currently active projects are described below. To conduct an event in your area, fill the Domestic Activities Form today!

This online activity we aim to raise awareness about the Queer community especially the Transgender individuals among medical students, address the discrimination they face, barriers they face in accessing healthcare and how to be inclusive healthcare providers
Contraception Cafe
This online activity aims to create awareness among healthcare students about various contraceptives via GD, train them to guide other individuals in choosing among various contraceptives, and debunk common myths we come across in our lives associated with contraception.
The Elephant in the ward
This online GD activity focuses on highlighting the importance of sexual history taking for medical students and to equip them to be confident, comfortable and efficient future gender-inclusive healthcare professionals.
This online activity educates females (aged 30-50) about the common problems faced during menopause, importance of consulting a doctor during menopause and the steps that should be taken to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy.
Beat the Burnout 2.0
Beat the Burnout 2.0 is an interactive Online GD activity where we aim to improve the quality of life of healthcare students by gauging the stress levels amongst them during the COVID 19 pandemic and by incorporating effective stress management strategies.
Healing Hands
This online activity aims to bring to light the poor conditions of Doctors in India and how they are working selflessly and tirelessly even in demanding conditions without proper rewards. A tribute is paid to all the health-care workers via Art-work and Poems
This online activity focuses on the academic as well as the mental health aspect of a Healthcare student during the Pandemic and aim to gauge the increasing mental health problems as well as create awareness about various online learning platforms and about Pandemic Preparedness.
ABCD: AnyBody Can Donate
Recognising the importance of Blood Donations in the current Coronavirus Pandemic, this World Blood Donor’s Day, a national campaign was launched with the aim to encourage blood donations and to bust the myths and misconceptions regarding the same.
ILAAJ: Treating patients or treating violence?
Violence against doctors is not a new phenomenon. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the issue to the forefront with numerous reports violence around the world. ILAAJ is an online activity, through which we aim to generate awareness among the non medical fraternity about this pressing issue and create a harmonious healthcare system.
ILAAJ: Treating patients or treating violence?
To mark the World Refugee Day, an online activity from 19th-21st June was conducted through infographics, videos, webinar with Asia Pacific Regional Assistants of all Standing Committees and a member photograph collage.The goal was to address different aspects of Refugee Health and Rights, especially in light of the pandemic.#we_stand_with_refugees
Books over Bricks
On 12th June, the “World Day against Child Labour”, we conducted an online activity to spread awareness and fight for Education over Exploitation.We aimed to sensitize medical students about the potential implications of the pandemic in exacerbating the problem and to arm them with practical solutions to deal with child labour in real life.
  • The Elephant in the ward EITW addressed the bigger and especially the hardly discussed elephants in SRHR space. Such communicative skills aren’t taught in med schools and hence, it turned out to be well invested, highly informative hours. Being interactive, this activity helped open up doors for conversations and opinions from medical students across the country. By Tithi Patel (GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad)

  • Contraception Cafe: Choose the right one for you Contraception Cafe proved to be an effective and engaging activity for medical students about the various perspectives of Contraception. The real life case discussions gave an insight to actual situations and led to a proper knowledge build-up and competency to answer on use of contraceptives, cost, efficacy, pros and cons. By Manasvi Gupta (JNMC, Aligarh)

  • Contraception Cafe: Choose the right one for you (Debunking the myths) The online group discussions were really informative and interactive and everybody seemed to have enjoyed and learnt a lot at the same time! The modules provided beforehand, helped develop a better understanding of the topic and it was interesting to see students put forth their opinions surrounding the different aspects of contraception in an enthusiastic manner. By Nimisha Ramesh (BVPMC, Pune)

  • CATCH: Collaborative Action for Transgender Community and their Health CATCH was a wonderful first step towards becoming a trans ally. The message I took from CATCH is that “In the end, All we want is to be accepted as we are and All we need is love”. By Novonna Goswami (JNMC, Belgaum)

  • ABCD: AnyBody Can Donate Our main objective was to motivate people to donate blood, bust myths, and encourage them to spread the knowledge to a wider audience. We created an impact and are thankful for the opportunity, by SCOPH By Pankhuri Sharma (LHMC, New Delhi)

  • Beat the Burnout 2.0 From being a part of enlightening discussions on underrated topics such as stress management, and Caregiver burnout to being informed about some amazing techniques like Mindful eating, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, I think Beat the Burnout 2.0 was the therapy I needed in this lockdown. The discussions were fun and fruitful, the facilitators were informed and it was the most engaging discussion I was a part of. By Shikhar Dabas (VMMC, New Delhi)

  • PANDAmic- Roar like Sheru in this pandemic The event conducted was one of great fun for both the organizing party and the audience! From interactive discussions various mental health issues and techniques- the participants were encouraged to maintain a Gratitude journal, to telling them about various online learning platforms. It was a hit among the participants. Thank you to SCOME and SCOPH for launching such an activity. By Tarini Mudunuri (SRMC, Chennai)

  • Introduction to Bioethics Introduction to Bioethics was a really interactive and knowledgeable event. The moderators did a great job handling the group, and the content was short, crisp and to the point. The questions were based on day to day scenarios, dilemmas we will come through in hospitals daily, and the group discussion and explanation by the unit was on point. By: Arpita Saxena

  • HERchoice: Pro Abortion, Pro Choice HERchoice webinar conducted MSFC India Unit was one of the first events that invigorated minds of young doctors,making them cone face to face with real scenario of abortion in India,where we lack and how can we improve the services provided to our people.It took a great initiative to talk about abortion trying to break stigmas and giving an equal opportunity to discuss each others views on the topic. By Arpit Mago (JNMC, Belgaum)

  • HERchoice: Pro Abortion, Pro Choice HERchoice, discussed various aspects of abortion, be it the ethical dilemma, the religious and political aspects of it, and even transgender abortion. A safe space for thoughts and opinions is always interactive, informative and interesting. An overall enriching and elective experience. By Tithi Patel (GMERS Medical College, Sola)

  • ILAAJ: Treating patients or treating violence Definitely the best event I have done till now and my first event as a LORP!! Gathering non medicos was quite a task at the beginning but we managed to do it. I am so happy and indebted to the SCORP committee for organizing such a great session and overwhelmed by the response of the participants as they absolutely loved the session!! By Jaisiline Rathore, LORP (Maharishi Markandeshwar Medical College, Solan, Himachal Pradesh)

  • ILAAJ: Treating patients or treating violence We conducted ILAAJ on the 16th. It was an extremely fruitful event where we had an opportunity to get many diverse opinions. We invited our Professor, Dr Hetal Desai as a guest speaker to share her own experiences.Along with the ppt,we included several activities which allowed the audience to share their perspective. Overall, it was a successful event. By Praachi Saurabh Mehta, LORP (SMIMER, Surat)

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