The Medical Students’ Association of India is a dedicated force of medical students from across the country working for the benefit and betterment of the society. Our six standing committees cover an array of topics and projects for the benefit of the community and our country as a whole. MSAI is active  in 16 states in India with around 16,000 members. Various problems have been addressed to help the population ranging from cleanliness, nutrition, mental health and global warming, sensitive situations regarding awareness about organ donation and sex education. It is a wonderful chance to grow and educate yourself beyond your degree.

International opportunities:

Our parent organization, IFMSA is associated with renowned organizations internationally like the United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Medical Association (WMA), UNICEF to name a few. This gives our members the opportunity to access and be a part of the projects conducted by them all around the world.

Global exposure and networking:

At MSAI, we believe that our medical education is not to just get a job; it is to fulfill our commitment as doctors, not just in the hospital but as a part of our community. Students have opportunities to step into the field and work for the people. Other than this, we also give incredible privileges to the members: national and international level accreditations, chances to interact and communicate with medical students from around the world.
Join us, be a global leader!