It’s  officially a wrap for Prism.
And this is what we’d like to call a good run.

In the past month, we’ve tried to cover the basics of LGBT discrimination with the who,how,what and why.

The idea of the campaign was for you to pause and think about whether we as individuals are being fair by making comments such as “fag” or calling somebody “baila” or “chakka” or “hijda”

While our ultimate goal is to achieve equal rights for LGBT population, our short term goal was to generate respect for LGBT individuals.

If you want to work towards making a positive change, we urge you to sign the petition below:

In conclusion, we’d like to thank the amazing souls who contributed to make this campaign a success:

  • Kalki Subramaniam, a stalwart in our community who took time to support us.
  • Harish Iyer, the face of the Pride movement in India for sharing his views on the importance of LGBT rights in our country
  • Carles Pericas Escale, our fabulous SCORA director and Liason officer for Sexual & Reproductive health including HIV/aids (LRA) elect for his unconditional love and support

All the NGOs that contributed for the campaign and supported us.

The MSAI family for their constant motivation and support.

Thank you
Spreading the love as always,
Indian SCORAngels