We conducted an anti-smoking seminar in Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune on 12th August, 2016 under the SCOPH committee. The aim and objective of this seminar was to impart knowledge regarding the harmful effects of smoking/chewing tobacco. Issues pertaining to its effect on one’s lungs, environment, passive smoking and death due to cancer were also discussed. We also included the harmful effects of Hookah/Sheesha smoking along with explaining the ill-effects of other ingredients in a cigarette/hookah like tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, DDT, arsenic etc.

Total student turnout = 400
We had distributed pre-event questionnaires yesterday and today after the event the students filled the post-event questionnaires in order to assess and evaluate their progress after the session.We got an overwhelming response!

Many students approached us with their queries and for help post the seminar. They were very attentive and friendly. We all had an amazing experience and enjoyed immensely and we are surely going to continue doing such seminars!


  • Soorya Dev (organiser)
  • Simran Gulati
  • Varun Shrivastav
  • Sejal Mehta
  • Riya Shah
  • Anuja Redkar
  • Rishabh Raj
Anti Smoking Seminar
Anti Smoking Seminar
Anti Smoking Seminar
Anti Smoking Seminar