SCOPE Incoming’s August 2016 was Romanian month.

We had three incoming students Andreea, Elena and Radu from Romania who were posted in Dermatology, Gynaecology and Internal Medicine respectively at Sumandeep University, Gujarat, the home to the Asiatic Lions. They learnt a lot from the exchange as the Hospital had a great inflow of patients being situated in the outskirts of the city. The lectures taken by the expert faculties helped them learn the diverse techniques, patient-doctor relationship, administration and new technologies used in India. We hosted their Social Program at Narmada River Dam, Kevadiya Colony, one of the largest structures built in India. Lots of new friends were made along the journey. MSAI has a tie up with countries from around the world and facilitates professional and research exchanges throughout the year.

SCOPE Outgoing’s June month was Italian month.

Dhvani Rolekar, a year student from SMIMER Medical College, Surat went to Italy as a part of MSAI SCOPE exchange programme. Let her us hear from Dhvani her experience of this journey.

The IFMSA says “The aim of SCOPE is to promote cultural understanding and cooperation amongst medical students and all health professionals through the facilitation of international student exchange.”

This inspired me to apply for the SCOPE exchange and after June 2016 I can surely say that the above statement is very much correct. Not only did I understand and learn Italian Healthcare system but also grew as a person and made a bunch of amazing friends.

My exchange was in Torino, Italy from 1st – 28th June 2016 in Mauriziano Hospital in Department of Obsterics and Gynecology. I interected with a lot of doctors and healthcare personnals on daily basis who taught me various clinical procedures, skills and also the theoritical concepts. The whole system was very well organized and managed. Also the level cleaniless and hygiene was very impressive. My mentors were very cooperative and took great enthusiasm in teaching me. They also advised me regarding further studies and professional opportunity.

The lodging was in a student’s flat. My host, Alice Silvestro, a fifth year medical student in Italy, was very warm and caring throughout my stay. She helped me a lot with understanding Italy and also living like a local. The exchange taught me how to handle independence as well as responsibilities.

Meeting new people and making new friends was a great fun. MSAI indeed helped connect doctors from various parts of the world. Not only did I interected with Italians but also incomings from Mexico, Brazil, Estonia, Slovenia, and Sudan.

Moreover the exchange has given my mind a new perspective, a new outlook and helped me set goals at a global level. It is said ” We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are”. And I must say this one month sculptured me in a remarkable way!